Saturday, August 1, 2015

Piles of Goo

I was traveling this past weekend so Hubby was left alone with his Brother who came to visit...I love when my brother-in-law comes to visit. I enjoy creating a getaway for him of sorts... I don't know if he will be coming back again for a while. LOL

Puppies such as Eeyore can be very time consuming. Not so much trouble, but you have to spend a lot of time waiting for them to get the courage to do what you want them to do and make it a positive experience for them.  They don't want to be afraid, and it's up to us to show them that their humans are there to provide for them.

But while I was away visiting my family, I was told there was a story to tell....

First off. We have a wood baby gate with our other litter (in the photo) and a white plastic one that is a little old and the tension springs don't work, so it just leans against the door jam, but it makes quite a racket when it falls so our adults don't go near it. Eeyore found this out one day and I had lots of frightened goo to pick up when he took off to hide into his safe place.

So My husband and his brother went to dinner one night, and Eeyore thought to escape. The adults have free roam of the house, and with one gone with me, I suppose Eeyore thought it was safe to explore as Snowy will go sleep in the bedroom until someone comes back home.

Long story short, Hubby and Brother came back to a very smelly home... Eeyore was in his kitchen with no piles to pick up... odd hubby thought... but.... Snowy, being the all knowing nark, pointed out all the sites  through the house where nervous piles of goo were dropped to inform her daddy that those were absolutely not hers!

Sneaky puppy pushed the bottom corner of the broken gate, which did not fall over, got out, roamed the house, and went back into his "safe zone" the same way he got out.

And this is why we are the proud new owners of TWO wooden gates.

Sneaky... Sneaky... Sneaky. LOL