Monday, August 3, 2015

Vet Checkup #1

Today Eeyore went to my vet for a checkup. It's been 1 week since Maverick Pet Transport allowed me to foster him and it was time he get checked out to make sure the meds he was on to treat Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever  was working. He's half way through his treatment and we need to make sure no modifications are needed.

I wish I had photos of him IN the vets office, but unfortunately, it was only myself taking him and with a skittish pup, I needed to make sure I had both hands.

 That morning foster Daddy decided that Eeyore needed to put his best foot forward when going someplace new and off he went into the tubby to get another bath.  

What has been nice is that his ears have perked up and his eyes are brighter and not so sad. He tolerates being picked up and wont wriggle while you have him, but he will crouch down really low and turn into a 50 lb dog in the process of being picked up. 

 All clean and packed into a travel crate (Donated by my mom when we had Leo, another past foster) it's off to Iron Station Animal Hospital we go!!!

I brought a fecal sample to make sure the dewormer the other vet supposedly gave him was working and come to find out the poor guy still had roundworm and hookworm. Glad I brought it!

He was 25lbs when we picked him up from the shelter and he weighed 27! Yay for Eeyore gaining 2 lbs in 1 week. Good for you buddy!

His temperature was close to normal and aside from being totally petrified and peeing all over me, the vet tech, and the examination table, the vet said he was doing well and no other meds were to be prescribed except for something to take care of those nasty worms.
We made an appointment to go back in 2 weeks to get a 2nd round of vaccines and his Rabies shot! 

Yah, Ummm... Human.... this is NOT a tasty treat.

Eeyore and the De-Wormer
Thank you to Maverick Pet Transportation who, with the funds he raised from his wonderful followers, paid for Eeyore's vet bill 100%! WOW!