Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big accomplishments for a little pup

This entry will be short and sweet tonight as there is SO much to write about and SO many photos and video from the past 2 days.

Eeyore has really started to come out of his shell and show that he's all puppy.

I put him on a vitamin paste that he gets every morning with his breakfast. Since I purchased it, he's showing he's growing up. He now, gallops down the hall to the front door to go potty outside when he's called. No longer do I have to pick him up and place him by the door so he can walk out. no, we are not 100% leash trained yet, but we are getting better everyday. He's enjoying his outdoor time as well. On the porch, leaping over the sidewalk into the grass, making a HUGE circle  in the lawn to leap back over the sidewalk, back up onto the porch, around the pillar and back to the front door.  We do this 3 times (usually) before he decides he wants to go piddles. Then, and only then, does he go back inside for a treat.

He found out that our adopted cat, Yoshimura, really doesn't like to be stepped on. She's a friendly cat and super sweet to the other dogs and her humans, but he's new and she must have felt he hadn't earned the right to step on her yet. Little Eeyore got a warning bat on the muzzle and a hiss.
 He's fine. 

So this evening I was enjoying a bowl of Chocolate ripple ice cream from our local creamery, Tony's, and here comes Mr. Entheusiastic right up onto the sofa (no-no, but what can I say, he's never shown this much interest in being next to either of his humans), put his paw on me and waited.

 Lol... really? your going to BEG???? Hmmmmm

No, I didn't cave. Really. This is MY ice cream... But someone else DID!