Sunday, August 9, 2015

Treat? Sit? OK!

Eeyore and his teacher Miss Lexi

Now that Miss Lexi and Eeyore have met and hit it off really well, she's taken it upon herself to teach him a few things. (It's ok to have 2 foster mom's right?) She's trying to teach him how to play IN the house, but the house is a strange place. Its much bigger than his "Safe Zone" in the kitchen, but now that he comes to me in the morning with a wagging tail it's time he sees the rest of the house and gets used to it.

After a stressful, but positive exploration experience he wandered back into the kitchen. To reinforce the positive experience a treat is in order. Miss Lexi thought she should have one as well and sat for her morsel. From his corner Eeyore sees what she's doing and that she received a tasty treat.... he apparently didn't want to be left out and came over and sat for one as well.

yes, he is doing QUITE well. completely different pup from the one I picked up 2 weeks ago. We still have a long way to go as outside is still a SUPER SCARY place, so we are going to keep our time outdoors limited to sitting on the front porch for a little every day until we can move to the walkway and then into the grass. Before you know it he'll be here for 6 months and will be walking on a leash!

I love you too Eeyore.... Thank you for cleaning my eye.