Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Enter stage right... Miss Lexi

This will be a short blog for today... I have decided to allow Miss Lexi, My Golden/German Shepherd cross into Eeyore's "Safe Zone". He has shown a lot of interest in her when she's at the gate with total body language. Ears quickly moving back with a low head, quick wagging tip of his tail, a submissive hunch and muzzle licking.  Kind of like these African Wild Dogs when greeting the alpha.
 - With the dog, It's all about hierarchy and respect. -

I am well aware the need for him to bond with his humans first, but Lexi is SO loyal to me, I think him seeing how she reacts to me when she gets pet, or receives a treat, or even when I enter the room will allow him to mimic the reaction and understand I'm the alpha. Kind of like Monkey-see-Monkey-do.

Puppies are very impressionable and will follow the lead of the mother. Since he has no mother and he's on the verge of trusting me, and Lexi is so gentle, I felt it was time...