Sunday, October 18, 2015

I've been busy

My family has told me that my blog has not been updated in quite a long time. So I went back and had my girl human look up the last time I wrote something... Wow. Almost a month! Oops... Sorry about that.

Well lets see..... where shall I begin?

Well.... I'll begin with a not so nice experience. My girl human took me for a ride one morning. It was really early, which in itself is rather strange. My girl human always goes back to sleep with me after breakfast, but today she didn't even FEED me! I think he's having an off day. I have those. Well.... she brought me to his place where there were lots of strange people and smells. There was a nice boy human who was very gentle with me and my girl human said it was ok to go with him. So I did.... Long story short, they did something to me that I'm not proud to explain.... I'm... well.... I'm... I'm missing some parts, and I'm not sure I'm happy with this.

BUT... In pure puppy fashion I got over it. I'm fine now and I was off with my girl human for a new adventure! (I really don't like adventures) 

 So here we are in her big truck, which I still really don't like. We went for a really really REALLY long ride. The longest ride I have ever been on. I thought we would never stop! Then we did. I had to peeeeee. And we got back in and went for a really really REALLY long time again! I think it was worth it though, 'cause when we stopped I was at this neat place with other dogs I have never met before. My girl human seemed to know this place because those dogs were really happy to see her!

This is my new friend Suzi. She says she's poodle... a BLUE poodle. She asked me what I was, and I proudly said a BROWN DOG! Yep! That's me. A brown dog.

 This was the BEST part of going to this place! I could run all by myself! There was no way out of course, because there were walls all around, but there were so many neat smells. My girl human let me run with no leash. It was strange at first because when we go outside I'm always on a leash, but this was fun!
 I enjoyed my visit here and I was given lots of treats from another girl human. This one mine new well. I think they grew up together or something. Here I am sitting nice. Oh yah, that other poodle is Dutchess. She's a BLACK poodle. Hehehe. I told her I was a BROWN DOG.... she didn't care. I don't think she likes me, so we ignored each other and I played with Suzi.
 Oh yah, then we came here! Another new place. This was getting scary. All these new places and people, but I was brave.... even with out my super cape, I was very brave. This girl human seemed to like me a lot. She got down with me and gave me a treat. She has 2 BIG dogs! They said they were Bernese Mountain Dogs from Europe. I dont know what a Europe is, but I told them I was a BROWN DOG.... they didnt care, but this girl human did and that was nice.

After a long couple of days my girl human took me back into the big truck and we went for another long long ride back home.

So lets see..... what else have I done.... oh yah! I got a new collar! My girl human says "A new collar means a new home" ..... I dont know what that means, but I'm ok with that. I still live here, and nothing has changed. oh well. On to the next story...

 Snowy and I are beginning to be great friends!! We play a lot. She's good at playing tug-o-war so much I have to cheat a little.

I have my own eating spot now. I'm getting so big I get to eat with the adults now, AND I can reach the adults water too! Snowy and I share. I really like her. 

I go to work with my girl human every day. She calls me her shadow. Whatever a shadow is, I think it's a good thing. She's always happy to see me when I follow her. 

So thats about it for now. I'm growing up and learning my maners. I'm still afraid of new things and new people, but I'm getting used to them faster and faster. My girl human says I act like I have Anxiety attacks, but nothing every attacks me. She keeps me safe. 

Humans. I just done get them.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Hello there everyone! I wanted to tell you guys how much FUN I had the other day!!!!!

My humans took Lexi and I to an outdoor adventure! I don't look happy in this picture because I didn't know where we were going.... probably to a place that was scary, and it was. Not only in the beginning, and in the middle, but also in the end...  I was SO tired though I didn't have the energy to be scared anymore.

So let me tell you where we went.....

First, my humans said we were going for a ride. Oh yay...Oh Joy... Oh happy me.

We rode in the big truck for a while and I fell asleep. We stopped, and after my super cape went on, so I'm brave you know, they took me to a big path. There were LOTS of other dogs with their humans here too. This must be a fun place. There were lots of things to sniff on the ground and in the air. Where were we going I wondered, the path didn't look like this for long, soon it turned really narrow and I had to climb over lots of rocks.

I was getting kinda tired and I'm happy my humans are beginning to become observant to my subtle hints. They decided to stop at a place where I could drink and cool my feet. I think they thought I was going to swim in there, but they were WRONG! HA!!! No way! I'm not swimming. That water was COLD! But Lexi did... She's weird.

After her little dip, we went back on the trail. There were more rocks to climb, roots to not trip on,  steps, and more steps... and more steps... So many steps oh my! My foot slipped once and got caught in between some rocks, but when I whined, my human came to my rescue and got me un-stuck.


We walked with a couple other dogs and their humans. I think mine knew them because they were talking and laughing together. I asked their puppy...he was a golden retriever and a month younger than I was, and he said he never saw my humans before. He was a nice puppy and his name was Beauregard.

A few more rocks, a lot more steps, a path here, a path there and BAM! We were here at the top! At least I hope it was the top. I was getting really tired and needed a rest and a drink of water. 

There was a HUGE Waterfall! 

We stayed there for a little and relaxed for a bit. I said hello to a big black German Shepherd named Atlas, a Red poodle named Fi-Fi (really?), and a funny looking Pomeranian named Tinsel. She was embarrassed with the way her human cut her fur. She said she looked like she had a pom-pom for a head and poodle feet!  I felt bad for her and we sat next to each other while our humans spoke.

Then it was time to go.... more stairs... again...

Except for the little humans, they are still scary, I was pretty brave the whole way. Well.... there was this ONE little human....She wasn't scary. She fell down and hurt her paw like I did. She was crying and stopped a little when she saw my cape. She pointed at me and said to her humans that I was wearing a cape. My human agreed with her and said it was my super cape. It keeps me brave when I'm scared. We walked away when we found out she was OK and I heard her say she wanted a super cape to be brave.

Naturally I slept ALLLLLLLL the way home and all night! I was pooped! but I had fun and was very brave! 
Eeyore at the base of South Mountain, NC 9/20/15

Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm 42 Lbs!

Today was Eeyores 48 day weigh in! He's going to start back up on vitamin paste and I needed to see what his weight was to make sure he received the correct dosage.
So I called my little shadow into the bathroom to be weighed on the scale... I WISH I had one of the ones at the vets office... you know, the one where the dog just steps up on? But alas I don't so weighing myself then weighing myself with Eeyore in my arms and subtracting the difference will have to do. I knew he was getting heavier because he nearly grows in front of your eyes, but wow! 42 lbs!

On Saturday July 25th, the day my sportbike club was riding around with a lightness in our hearts, collecting the donation boxes for our bi-annual Mutts-in-Rutts charity event to be delivered to the Gaston County Animal Shelter that afternoon... Eeyore was just another stray. We were enthusiastically thanking our business owners who hosted boxes and marveling at the generosity of their patrons. Eeyore, on the other hand was probably very scared of this new contraption in his midst, but so very hungry, and became caught in the live trap when the temptation of food overrode his sense of fear. Animal control brought him into the shelter that morning weighing in at a mere 24 lbs. Maverick Pet Transportation rescued him on Monday the 27th when they opened for business and we took him home as his new foster parents. Little did we know how much this little pup would integrate into our pack and into our hearts. He's been vet checked, trained, and loved over the past 48 days, and he's blossomed into a 42 pound (that's 2.6 lbs a week) loving goofy puppy!!! Is he adoptable yet? No. Not for some time.


This past weekend was a HUGE test for him. We have a nice small park/ballfield in the next town that hosts little league games (2 fields) has a playground and a nice fenced in basketball court. People go there to jog around the small track, take their pets for walks and of course watch the kids play their games! Sunday was one of those days. The weather was beautiful.... 72 degrees... the sun was warm and the place was FULL.

Eeyore has never been with us to a place quite that active yet as we are still building trust with him. We thought with our trips to Gander Mountain and dining in public areas, this would be a good gauge on how far he's really come along. 

We parked in the back lot away from the main parking lot, buffered by some trees, so he could get a feeling of the sounds in the area. As presumed, upon first arrival, he was very frightened and made a bee-line to some tall grass on the far side of the lot. Good thing we brought Snowy & Miss Lexi with us! He feels more comfortable walking as a least at night he does.

It took many increasingly larger half moon trips around the paved walking trail until we were able to go all the way around. 60 minutes later we were jogging and then running. As I focused on breathing and listening to my own footfalls, I noticed that he and Miss Lexi were in perfect time. Trotting nicely next to each other on loose leashes just a few steps in front of me. PERFECT!!! With that, we met back up with Snowy and Hubby, got some water to drink, and called it a day. 

The walk back to the truck wasn't perfect now, but his tail was not tucked and he was not frantically pulling me towards the tall grass, so we made progress and I'm calling it a WIN for Eeyore... in his "Super Cape" of course... so he can be brave!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Places to go! People to see!

Hey there everyone! Eeyore here! I wanted to write this entry today because I am so proud of what I did I, personally, had to tell you. My girl human could tell it, but I wanted to have it come straight from the dogs mouth.

I took a ride in the big truck, which isn't so scary anymore. I'm getting really big and I have decided that I want to have my own seat so I can stretch out! I sit in the back now on my own bed. The humans can sit in their little seats in the front.

So we went for a ride and I fell asleep... we came to a place that smelled really good, but I didn't get anything to eat, I was too nervous and didnt want anything anyway. There was lots of noise and I was getting scared even though my humans were there to tell me it was OK. Maybe I should trust them a little more. No one bothered me so I guess it was ok.

After that I got to play in the grass for a little... Boy did I need THAT!

Then comes the fun part. I followed... because my girl human said to "follow".. into this really neat place. It had SOOOO many smells and sounds, I had to sniff everything!!! but was I afraid? No! Not in the least!!! Well. Sorta, in the beginning, but I had my humans with me and they were saying I was being good, so I pretended not to be afraid.

My humans took something off a shelf and said that this was for me. I dont know what it is, but I must have been a good boy because they said it'll protect me. I really like it! It worked! None of the other humans in this place came to me. They looked at me and then walked away! I think I'll call it my super cape. Because I'm a SUUUUPER DOOOOG!!! in my cape!

 I'm so brave I can go anywhere with my cape and noooo humans will bother me! WOOF!!

So it gets better! Yah! WAY Better! The next day. My human put my super cape on, but before she did she wrote on it. She told me it says "Dog in Training" "Give me Space". That must be me. I'm in training. Training for what I dont know, but it must be important because it's on my super cape! I'll have to be brave again. We went for another ride in the big truck, again in my own seat... I'm liking this, and back into a different place this time. No good smells but lots of strange things. There were humans standing really still and didnt smell like humans. There were ducks that didn't move and didn't smell like ducks, there was a small deer, but it didnt run away or smell like a deer. I remember seeing those when I was with my mom. I saw lots of real humans around, but I had my super cape on and they didn't bother me, so I ignored them... then there was this really neat thing.... it was like a maze of stuff all hanging in the air. My humans moved them back and forth but I just sat and looked at them. Silly humans. This was an interesting place and my humans picked up and put down a lot of things.... did they think I was going to be frightened by these strange looking things? NO! I have my Super Cape on and I'm not afraid!

One time at my home, my humans had other humans stay for a little. I never met them before because I didn't recognize their smell. There was one little human I really liked. She was nice and calm. I liked her so I let her pet me. She was very gentle. Miss Lexi was there to protect me because I didn't have my super cape on, but I was OK. I feel really safe in my home, and she was nice. I hope to see her and her big human again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LOTS of new Happenings!

My deepest apologies for not writing lately about Eeyore. He is becoming quite active lately and we have been having fun playing and exploring.... playing mostly. Eeyore says he likes to "peek".

Both his foster mama & daddy work from home and one day... out of the blue, he decided to come to work with us. LOL (Don't mind the work mess.... that's my desk. hubby has MUCH less paperwork to deal with every day.)

Ahhhh... then there's playtime!!!! We have a nice stream that runs through the back portion of our property and he found it!!! It's from a spring 2 houses away and has crayfish and little fish in there, so I don't mind that he drinks from it. We frequent here after going #2. It's like his treat for going potty outside. 
Potty training is going extremely well because of it!

I have been asked not too long ago, what type of food is he eating. From through the grapevine, I heard on occasion, foster dogs are given a crappy diet because they aren't really part of the pack. BAH!!!! Every dog in my house is part of my pack! Aaannnd Snowy has food allergies so in the event she gets into his food, he eats what they eat...except in puppy formula. So all that will happen is ... she'll get a little fat...

Although, I believe Miss Lexi has eaten some... ok a lot... she mysteriously has lost her waist. I've asked her where she put it and all I get is her snarky face. ... She's not telling me something....
So last weekend.... We decided that since the front yard is still a scary place during the day (don't know why) we were going to go out and socialize. yah.... the last time we did that, I ended up having pee all over my shorts and goo all up my arm! 
But... Here we go... 

 At first we didnt seem to mind going down the road. at a slow pace, but when we got onto the main road he became a little more... Concerned. not frightened, concerned that we were going somewhere new. Out of his comfort zone if you will.

After we drove for a little, he settled down and seemed to relax a little... not happy, but not frightened either. I think He's thinking.... yah. I can do this. :)

We then arrived at our destination. Tony's Ice Cream! There's a nice warehouse that had a fire accross the rail road tracks and it's all soft grass now. A perfect place to see and hear all the commotion of a very busy ice cream shop and still be far enough away for him to feel safe. It worked!

The back of Tony's Ice Cream shop in Gastonia.
Yah, They make it on site!
We worked on some drills of Sit, stay, paw, down, settle and come. He did extremely well! So as a treat, we go exploring.

With all the training and such going on we called a couple friends to join us for ice cream and to meet Eeyore. He's never seen them before so this was another test.... he was withdrawn, but not scared like he was before. He would not go to them willingly, but in the end he had to and allowed them both to pet him. LOL

So he got ice cream. ... Love this pup!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big accomplishments for a little pup

This entry will be short and sweet tonight as there is SO much to write about and SO many photos and video from the past 2 days.

Eeyore has really started to come out of his shell and show that he's all puppy.

I put him on a vitamin paste that he gets every morning with his breakfast. Since I purchased it, he's showing he's growing up. He now, gallops down the hall to the front door to go potty outside when he's called. No longer do I have to pick him up and place him by the door so he can walk out. no, we are not 100% leash trained yet, but we are getting better everyday. He's enjoying his outdoor time as well. On the porch, leaping over the sidewalk into the grass, making a HUGE circle  in the lawn to leap back over the sidewalk, back up onto the porch, around the pillar and back to the front door.  We do this 3 times (usually) before he decides he wants to go piddles. Then, and only then, does he go back inside for a treat.

He found out that our adopted cat, Yoshimura, really doesn't like to be stepped on. She's a friendly cat and super sweet to the other dogs and her humans, but he's new and she must have felt he hadn't earned the right to step on her yet. Little Eeyore got a warning bat on the muzzle and a hiss.
 He's fine. 

So this evening I was enjoying a bowl of Chocolate ripple ice cream from our local creamery, Tony's, and here comes Mr. Entheusiastic right up onto the sofa (no-no, but what can I say, he's never shown this much interest in being next to either of his humans), put his paw on me and waited.

 Lol... really? your going to BEG???? Hmmmmm

No, I didn't cave. Really. This is MY ice cream... But someone else DID!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Eeyore writes his first blog.

Hello there! I'm feeling much better now and I asked my human if she would allow me to write something today. I've never written anything so I really don't know what to say, but my human says that she has been telling my story to you for some time now. She says she has told my story, but I doubt she told it from MY side of the fence... I was really sick and super scared. I was in a cage and brought to a really super scary place. I was alone and no one would make me feel safe again. for two days I was there. Then I was brought here. They made me feel better and took care of me. They were quiet with me and I decided that I should start to trust them.

So... This is my new pack... and the other human that lives here with me. At least I think it's my new pack. I miss my mom and my sibling, but these two are ok and fun to be with. The one they call Lexi is my protector and reminds me of my mom. She lets me play and pounce and just be myself until I get carried away (SHE'S SO MUCH FUN!!!) She also makes sure the one they call Snowy is good to me. I like Snowy, but she doesn't let me play like I can with Lexi. She likes me too I think, but sometimes I'm not quite so sure. Just to make sure, I just stay still while I get the once over.

This is my other human She's very kind and I see her all the time. She is asking me all sorts of strange things, but I don't really understand her. She doesn't speak dog very well. Although I'm starting to learn
 what she's saying, I think she's talking Akita or something. It's different. I DO get yummy things to eat when I do what I think she wants me to do, so it's in my best interests to try to figure out what she's saying. Akita language or not, she's certainly not speaking my breed....whatever I am.

So I have to tell you about today!!!  Today was SCARY!!!   REALLY SCARY!!! 

This is my second time in the big noisy thing and this time I wasnt in a box! oh my! So much was going on outside.... I peed. My human wasnt mad though because I WAS on the thing they ask me to pee on. What better place to go then here?

So we got to where they were taking me and I KNOW  I was here before.... I remember the smell. They poked me in the rear, I felt two pinches on either side of my tail and they put some funny stuff down my nose! UGH! No!.... I pooped.... on my human.... a lot. I couldn't help it! I was shaking and so scared but couldn't run away. Why didn't the strange humans see that?!?! I just want to go back to my pack where it's quiet and I could feel safe again.

And just like that.... They did... and I was.

Even though I think the humans said I was all better from whatever was making me feel sick, I'm happy to be back in my familiar place with my pack. Away from the strange humans and the funny smelling place.