Monday, August 17, 2015

Eeyore writes his first blog.

Hello there! I'm feeling much better now and I asked my human if she would allow me to write something today. I've never written anything so I really don't know what to say, but my human says that she has been telling my story to you for some time now. She says she has told my story, but I doubt she told it from MY side of the fence... I was really sick and super scared. I was in a cage and brought to a really super scary place. I was alone and no one would make me feel safe again. for two days I was there. Then I was brought here. They made me feel better and took care of me. They were quiet with me and I decided that I should start to trust them.

So... This is my new pack... and the other human that lives here with me. At least I think it's my new pack. I miss my mom and my sibling, but these two are ok and fun to be with. The one they call Lexi is my protector and reminds me of my mom. She lets me play and pounce and just be myself until I get carried away (SHE'S SO MUCH FUN!!!) She also makes sure the one they call Snowy is good to me. I like Snowy, but she doesn't let me play like I can with Lexi. She likes me too I think, but sometimes I'm not quite so sure. Just to make sure, I just stay still while I get the once over.

This is my other human She's very kind and I see her all the time. She is asking me all sorts of strange things, but I don't really understand her. She doesn't speak dog very well. Although I'm starting to learn
 what she's saying, I think she's talking Akita or something. It's different. I DO get yummy things to eat when I do what I think she wants me to do, so it's in my best interests to try to figure out what she's saying. Akita language or not, she's certainly not speaking my breed....whatever I am.

So I have to tell you about today!!!  Today was SCARY!!!   REALLY SCARY!!! 

This is my second time in the big noisy thing and this time I wasnt in a box! oh my! So much was going on outside.... I peed. My human wasnt mad though because I WAS on the thing they ask me to pee on. What better place to go then here?

So we got to where they were taking me and I KNOW  I was here before.... I remember the smell. They poked me in the rear, I felt two pinches on either side of my tail and they put some funny stuff down my nose! UGH! No!.... I pooped.... on my human.... a lot. I couldn't help it! I was shaking and so scared but couldn't run away. Why didn't the strange humans see that?!?! I just want to go back to my pack where it's quiet and I could feel safe again.

And just like that.... They did... and I was.

Even though I think the humans said I was all better from whatever was making me feel sick, I'm happy to be back in my familiar place with my pack. Away from the strange humans and the funny smelling place.