Friday, August 7, 2015

Learning to play

Its funny how a dog progresses. Some feral dogs never get to be a dog; a pet. Some people may say that it's for the best. Perhaps it is with some of the ones that have a strong fight or flight instinct where "fight" is dominant. They are dangerous to themselves and to the people that try to catch them. But Eeyore's fight or flight was clearly a "flight" instinct. I'm sure the RMSF didn't help either. He was hungry, had worms, was lethargic, and covered in fleas and ticks and drank his own urine to satisfy this thirst.

Now, in a home where food and water is plentiful and even though things are scary, Eeyore requires more than the "time and love" most stable minded rescue dogs require. Eeyore requires consistency and a schedule. With consistent calm actions and words, he has learned that I'm not a threat to him. I may still be scary sometimes, but he is learning there is no need to run and hide based on my every move. It's nice to see his mental state is improving not degrading.

He can now begin to learn what it is like to be a dog; a pet.