Thursday, July 30, 2015

Full Time Inside Puppy


Eeyore is Flea Free!!!!

 He may now truly begin his training. We had one fill day of not seeing any live fleas on Eeyore or on his bedding... Just dead ones.

So with that, my kitchen once again turns into a puppy pen. For one not 10 this time.

our first foster dog was a pregnant one... what a great family!

 Here's Eeyore's new living quarters for the time being....

He is still so frightened of any change that he decided he didn't want to eat all afternoon. Which is really scary in itself because of the meds he's on and he's so thin, he cant afford to miss a single meal...

When we had the puppies, they liked to have something to lie on at the front gate... he hid too until I made my makeshift bed.... Then that was WAY more comfortable!

About 3 am he wandered around the kitchen exploring his new pad, ate his food and drank his water... and peed on the blue towels. which were promptly removed and replaced only to be peed on again an hour later. LOL Prednesone... gotta love it. There is a tennis ball in there as well... Miss Lexi is a BALL dog for sure and we always have a few tucked under a chair, couch, bed or corner somewhere. One made its way into the kitchen, and although I couldn't get a photo, you'll have to believe me when I tell you that after watching me play with the ball for a little earlier in the day, he walked over the the ball, picked it up and spat it back out. OK... this is good. There IS a dog in that scared little body!!!

This morning I woke up early and he was out like a light still (Yay! Late sleeping puppy!) So very quietly, not to wake him just quite yet, I climbed out of the pen to get something. I turn around and the little sneak jumped into my bed and made himself at home. LOL Is there Great Dane in this pup somewhere? LOL
Really??? My pillow hadn't even cooled off yet...

Update 7/31/15: I received a call today that day 1 inside the house was a success! I'm traveling this weekend so hubby is home with little Eeyore.... He stayed in hubby's lap for some time enjoying some petting time and when he had enough, he calmly got up and plopped down into his own bed. He's eaten all his food, took his meds, and seems not to terribly distressed that I'm not there. - I'm sure overnight will be interesting as hubby wont sleep on the floor like I do... I'll report tomorrow evening on how that went. LOL