Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big accomplishments for a little pup

This entry will be short and sweet tonight as there is SO much to write about and SO many photos and video from the past 2 days.

Eeyore has really started to come out of his shell and show that he's all puppy.

I put him on a vitamin paste that he gets every morning with his breakfast. Since I purchased it, he's showing he's growing up. He now, gallops down the hall to the front door to go potty outside when he's called. No longer do I have to pick him up and place him by the door so he can walk out. no, we are not 100% leash trained yet, but we are getting better everyday. He's enjoying his outdoor time as well. On the porch, leaping over the sidewalk into the grass, making a HUGE circle  in the lawn to leap back over the sidewalk, back up onto the porch, around the pillar and back to the front door.  We do this 3 times (usually) before he decides he wants to go piddles. Then, and only then, does he go back inside for a treat.

He found out that our adopted cat, Yoshimura, really doesn't like to be stepped on. She's a friendly cat and super sweet to the other dogs and her humans, but he's new and she must have felt he hadn't earned the right to step on her yet. Little Eeyore got a warning bat on the muzzle and a hiss.
 He's fine. 

So this evening I was enjoying a bowl of Chocolate ripple ice cream from our local creamery, Tony's, and here comes Mr. Entheusiastic right up onto the sofa (no-no, but what can I say, he's never shown this much interest in being next to either of his humans), put his paw on me and waited.

 Lol... really? your going to BEG???? Hmmmmm

No, I didn't cave. Really. This is MY ice cream... But someone else DID!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Eeyore writes his first blog.

Hello there! I'm feeling much better now and I asked my human if she would allow me to write something today. I've never written anything so I really don't know what to say, but my human says that she has been telling my story to you for some time now. She says she has told my story, but I doubt she told it from MY side of the fence... I was really sick and super scared. I was in a cage and brought to a really super scary place. I was alone and no one would make me feel safe again. for two days I was there. Then I was brought here. They made me feel better and took care of me. They were quiet with me and I decided that I should start to trust them.

So... This is my new pack... and the other human that lives here with me. At least I think it's my new pack. I miss my mom and my sibling, but these two are ok and fun to be with. The one they call Lexi is my protector and reminds me of my mom. She lets me play and pounce and just be myself until I get carried away (SHE'S SO MUCH FUN!!!) She also makes sure the one they call Snowy is good to me. I like Snowy, but she doesn't let me play like I can with Lexi. She likes me too I think, but sometimes I'm not quite so sure. Just to make sure, I just stay still while I get the once over.

This is my other human She's very kind and I see her all the time. She is asking me all sorts of strange things, but I don't really understand her. She doesn't speak dog very well. Although I'm starting to learn
 what she's saying, I think she's talking Akita or something. It's different. I DO get yummy things to eat when I do what I think she wants me to do, so it's in my best interests to try to figure out what she's saying. Akita language or not, she's certainly not speaking my breed....whatever I am.

So I have to tell you about today!!!  Today was SCARY!!!   REALLY SCARY!!! 

This is my second time in the big noisy thing and this time I wasnt in a box! oh my! So much was going on outside.... I peed. My human wasnt mad though because I WAS on the thing they ask me to pee on. What better place to go then here?

So we got to where they were taking me and I KNOW  I was here before.... I remember the smell. They poked me in the rear, I felt two pinches on either side of my tail and they put some funny stuff down my nose! UGH! No!.... I pooped.... on my human.... a lot. I couldn't help it! I was shaking and so scared but couldn't run away. Why didn't the strange humans see that?!?! I just want to go back to my pack where it's quiet and I could feel safe again.

And just like that.... They did... and I was.

Even though I think the humans said I was all better from whatever was making me feel sick, I'm happy to be back in my familiar place with my pack. Away from the strange humans and the funny smelling place. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Obedience training begins

Every dog needs to have manners. EVERY DOG. The ones that don't have a very hard time with life. Always struggling with themselves whether to obey the human or be the humans leader... and humans don't like being led by the dog. Because of this power struggle, dogs need to have manners from a very early age. Some say that you can start training a pup at 6 weeks!

Using a SUPER tasty treat (his own kibble seems to work just fine) I set up in the kitchen to see how little Eeyore would do with his first day.

The below video is training 101. Day 1:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Socializing party!

Today was a huge day for Eeyore. A Chinook breeder friend of mine had a litter recently and decided to throw a socializing party tonight where she asked her guests to come meet the puppies in crazy costumes so they would be exposed to people looking differently. GREAT IDEA!!!

I called my nephew and his girlfriend earlier today and asked if they would like to come by for dinner and to socialize with Eeyore. He's met them before, but only briefly. This time it was for a longer visit. I wanted to see where his lines were with new people and how long it would take for him to come out of his shell.... if at all.

We started off slow with just my nephew. He's fantastic with dogs and has the most well behaved Pointer cross I have ever seen. (She's Snowy's sister actually. She's Autumn in the puppy photo in a previous post)

At first Eeyore was very shy. Ears back, and snuggled tight in his "safe zone", but my nephew is patient and gentle and soon Eeyore was comfortable enough where we introduced my nephew's girlfriend to come into the picture while still taking kibble from his hand. (10 minutes lapsed)

 With the two of them in there, I knew this would stress him out a little, but it was a test that he passed with flying colors!

About 20 more minutes passed with just feeding kibble and having casual conversations, Eeyore lets his guard down just a little and decides that he wants to sit and relax a little.... a little. There is still nervous panting, but no shaking, we now see happy eyes instead of frightened ones, and perky ears. (30 Minutes total thus far)

My nephew kept feeding him kibble, making him reach for it or find it under a paw or across the floor, all the while was coaxing him from his "safe zone" and building trust with him. I'm SO glad he's food motivated with his OWN food.

Then it happened. PLAY! Well.... mild play...

We took some video's but there's a bit of background talking with the rest of us so I chose not to include it. (Sorry)

But in the end, after about an hour and 15 minutes or so, Eeyore showed great potential to overcome his fear of strangers. This will be very helpful when it comes time to bring him into the open world.

Baby steps little Eeyore... your doing GREAT!

- Many thanks to Patrick and Savannah who came to visit on short notice. -

Monday, August 10, 2015

Eeyore becomes a PUPPY!

Thus far, Eeyore has been a fearful puppy. Completely unsure of the world around him. Today marks 2 weeks since Maverick Pet Transport pulled this frightened pup from a very scary shelter and allowed my husband and I to foster him. He is only 1 of 3 fosters the rescue has at the moment, since they, as their name implies, mostly assists in the transport of pups to their new homes or from shelter to waiting foster family. My husband and I are blessed that they have allowed us to save this pups life, for had he remained at the shelter.... well... lets not think of that shall we???

Lets think of the FUN stuff!!!!

Some of you readers are friends of mine on Facebook and although I do try to update my wall with photos, and information, I try to not FLOOD it like I see some peoples walls (how annoying). Most photos and videos will be here, but you may see some that are on FB also.

"Look at me. I'm a fearless guard dog!"
"WOAH!!! What was THAT?!?! I don't think I want to be a guard dog anymore"

Aaaand with that.... Eeyore is really starting to come around. He's still afraid of new things, but he's getting quicker; 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes, at overcoming the fear and realizing that he's OK.

Here is a photo of the first time I have seen him act like a puppy of his age....I was out in my garden harvesting some beans, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and lettuce for that nights dinner. I could hear him barking inside but thought he was just upset that I stopped playing with him... I returned to....sigh....

Apparently he thought his "room" needed redecorating, and, of course, not complete without the pile of goo on his pad.... puppies.

Last evening Eeyore received another bath. Not because he had fleas, which he still does not. YAY! But because he has this wonderful habit of sitting while he's peeing. Yes, he is the ULTIMATE lazy pee'r, and it gets everywhere!

See for yourself.... I wasn't trying to video him peeing, I thought he was going to come to me  for the first time..... I was wrong.

But the best part of these past 24 hours has been serious playtime!!!
 (link will open in new window)
... Lexi does what most mother dogs do when chastising their young, so dont be alarmed if you here her growl at him once or twice. She's just telling him in dog language that he needs to calm down...

Night all! I'll write again soon with more fun updates!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Treat? Sit? OK!

Eeyore and his teacher Miss Lexi

Now that Miss Lexi and Eeyore have met and hit it off really well, she's taken it upon herself to teach him a few things. (It's ok to have 2 foster mom's right?) She's trying to teach him how to play IN the house, but the house is a strange place. Its much bigger than his "Safe Zone" in the kitchen, but now that he comes to me in the morning with a wagging tail it's time he sees the rest of the house and gets used to it.

After a stressful, but positive exploration experience he wandered back into the kitchen. To reinforce the positive experience a treat is in order. Miss Lexi thought she should have one as well and sat for her morsel. From his corner Eeyore sees what she's doing and that she received a tasty treat.... he apparently didn't want to be left out and came over and sat for one as well.

yes, he is doing QUITE well. completely different pup from the one I picked up 2 weeks ago. We still have a long way to go as outside is still a SUPER SCARY place, so we are going to keep our time outdoors limited to sitting on the front porch for a little every day until we can move to the walkway and then into the grass. Before you know it he'll be here for 6 months and will be walking on a leash!

I love you too Eeyore.... Thank you for cleaning my eye.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


When it happens, it HAPPENS!!!

3 am I hear whining... and smell the scent of fresh goo... so I get up and he has walked through it all over the floor... ugh... time to clean the floor. As I'm drying a hear the pad...pad...pad of soft feet... right behind me! I look over and there is is... just standing there wagging his tail. Kinda creepy actually. So I took advantage of the opportunity and we played! I just wish I weren't at 3 am. LOL 

Sleepy eyes today was WELL worth the fun last night.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Learning to play

Its funny how a dog progresses. Some feral dogs never get to be a dog; a pet. Some people may say that it's for the best. Perhaps it is with some of the ones that have a strong fight or flight instinct where "fight" is dominant. They are dangerous to themselves and to the people that try to catch them. But Eeyore's fight or flight was clearly a "flight" instinct. I'm sure the RMSF didn't help either. He was hungry, had worms, was lethargic, and covered in fleas and ticks and drank his own urine to satisfy this thirst.

Now, in a home where food and water is plentiful and even though things are scary, Eeyore requires more than the "time and love" most stable minded rescue dogs require. Eeyore requires consistency and a schedule. With consistent calm actions and words, he has learned that I'm not a threat to him. I may still be scary sometimes, but he is learning there is no need to run and hide based on my every move. It's nice to see his mental state is improving not degrading.

He can now begin to learn what it is like to be a dog; a pet.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Enter stage right... Miss Lexi

This will be a short blog for today... I have decided to allow Miss Lexi, My Golden/German Shepherd cross into Eeyore's "Safe Zone". He has shown a lot of interest in her when she's at the gate with total body language. Ears quickly moving back with a low head, quick wagging tip of his tail, a submissive hunch and muzzle licking.  Kind of like these African Wild Dogs when greeting the alpha.
 - With the dog, It's all about hierarchy and respect. -

I am well aware the need for him to bond with his humans first, but Lexi is SO loyal to me, I think him seeing how she reacts to me when she gets pet, or receives a treat, or even when I enter the room will allow him to mimic the reaction and understand I'm the alpha. Kind of like Monkey-see-Monkey-do.

Puppies are very impressionable and will follow the lead of the mother. Since he has no mother and he's on the verge of trusting me, and Lexi is so gentle, I felt it was time...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Vet Checkup #1

Today Eeyore went to my vet for a checkup. It's been 1 week since Maverick Pet Transport allowed me to foster him and it was time he get checked out to make sure the meds he was on to treat Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever  was working. He's half way through his treatment and we need to make sure no modifications are needed.

I wish I had photos of him IN the vets office, but unfortunately, it was only myself taking him and with a skittish pup, I needed to make sure I had both hands.

 That morning foster Daddy decided that Eeyore needed to put his best foot forward when going someplace new and off he went into the tubby to get another bath.  

What has been nice is that his ears have perked up and his eyes are brighter and not so sad. He tolerates being picked up and wont wriggle while you have him, but he will crouch down really low and turn into a 50 lb dog in the process of being picked up. 

 All clean and packed into a travel crate (Donated by my mom when we had Leo, another past foster) it's off to Iron Station Animal Hospital we go!!!

I brought a fecal sample to make sure the dewormer the other vet supposedly gave him was working and come to find out the poor guy still had roundworm and hookworm. Glad I brought it!

He was 25lbs when we picked him up from the shelter and he weighed 27! Yay for Eeyore gaining 2 lbs in 1 week. Good for you buddy!

His temperature was close to normal and aside from being totally petrified and peeing all over me, the vet tech, and the examination table, the vet said he was doing well and no other meds were to be prescribed except for something to take care of those nasty worms.
We made an appointment to go back in 2 weeks to get a 2nd round of vaccines and his Rabies shot! 

Yah, Ummm... Human.... this is NOT a tasty treat.

Eeyore and the De-Wormer
Thank you to Maverick Pet Transportation who, with the funds he raised from his wonderful followers, paid for Eeyore's vet bill 100%! WOW!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Piles of Goo

I was traveling this past weekend so Hubby was left alone with his Brother who came to visit...I love when my brother-in-law comes to visit. I enjoy creating a getaway for him of sorts... I don't know if he will be coming back again for a while. LOL

Puppies such as Eeyore can be very time consuming. Not so much trouble, but you have to spend a lot of time waiting for them to get the courage to do what you want them to do and make it a positive experience for them.  They don't want to be afraid, and it's up to us to show them that their humans are there to provide for them.

But while I was away visiting my family, I was told there was a story to tell....

First off. We have a wood baby gate with our other litter (in the photo) and a white plastic one that is a little old and the tension springs don't work, so it just leans against the door jam, but it makes quite a racket when it falls so our adults don't go near it. Eeyore found this out one day and I had lots of frightened goo to pick up when he took off to hide into his safe place.

So My husband and his brother went to dinner one night, and Eeyore thought to escape. The adults have free roam of the house, and with one gone with me, I suppose Eeyore thought it was safe to explore as Snowy will go sleep in the bedroom until someone comes back home.

Long story short, Hubby and Brother came back to a very smelly home... Eeyore was in his kitchen with no piles to pick up... odd hubby thought... but.... Snowy, being the all knowing nark, pointed out all the sites  through the house where nervous piles of goo were dropped to inform her daddy that those were absolutely not hers!

Sneaky puppy pushed the bottom corner of the broken gate, which did not fall over, got out, roamed the house, and went back into his "safe zone" the same way he got out.

And this is why we are the proud new owners of TWO wooden gates.

Sneaky... Sneaky... Sneaky. LOL