Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LOTS of new Happenings!

My deepest apologies for not writing lately about Eeyore. He is becoming quite active lately and we have been having fun playing and exploring.... playing mostly. Eeyore says he likes to "peek".

Both his foster mama & daddy work from home and one day... out of the blue, he decided to come to work with us. LOL (Don't mind the work mess.... that's my desk. hubby has MUCH less paperwork to deal with every day.)

Ahhhh... then there's playtime!!!! We have a nice stream that runs through the back portion of our property and he found it!!! It's from a spring 2 houses away and has crayfish and little fish in there, so I don't mind that he drinks from it. We frequent here after going #2. It's like his treat for going potty outside. 
Potty training is going extremely well because of it!

I have been asked not too long ago, what type of food is he eating. From through the grapevine, I heard on occasion, foster dogs are given a crappy diet because they aren't really part of the pack. BAH!!!! Every dog in my house is part of my pack! Aaannnd Snowy has food allergies so in the event she gets into his food, he eats what they eat...except in puppy formula. So all that will happen is ... she'll get a little fat...

Although, I believe Miss Lexi has eaten some... ok a lot... she mysteriously has lost her waist. I've asked her where she put it and all I get is her snarky face. ... She's not telling me something....
So last weekend.... We decided that since the front yard is still a scary place during the day (don't know why) we were going to go out and socialize. yah.... the last time we did that, I ended up having pee all over my shorts and goo all up my arm! 
But... Here we go... 

 At first we didnt seem to mind going down the road. at a slow pace, but when we got onto the main road he became a little more... Concerned. not frightened, concerned that we were going somewhere new. Out of his comfort zone if you will.

After we drove for a little, he settled down and seemed to relax a little... not happy, but not frightened either. I think He's thinking.... yah. I can do this. :)

We then arrived at our destination. Tony's Ice Cream! There's a nice warehouse that had a fire accross the rail road tracks and it's all soft grass now. A perfect place to see and hear all the commotion of a very busy ice cream shop and still be far enough away for him to feel safe. It worked!

The back of Tony's Ice Cream shop in Gastonia.
Yah, They make it on site!
We worked on some drills of Sit, stay, paw, down, settle and come. He did extremely well! So as a treat, we go exploring.

With all the training and such going on we called a couple friends to join us for ice cream and to meet Eeyore. He's never seen them before so this was another test.... he was withdrawn, but not scared like he was before. He would not go to them willingly, but in the end he had to and allowed them both to pet him. LOL

So he got ice cream. ... Love this pup!