Monday, July 27, 2015

Time to come home

Eeyeore's life is SAVED!
Today, with the blessing from Maverick Pet Transport, I went back to the shelter to speak with Dr. Blankenship. She's the new Administrator at the shelter and is really shaking things up there. She was the head of the Vet Tech Program at Gaston College (right next door) and I couldn't think of a better person to take the position. You can see it in her... she loves the animals. After staying with Eeyore those past two days, knowing he was littered with ticks and fleas, I asked ifhe there was a way he could be sedated to have them all removed and all his blood work done. Because he was so afraid of humans, it was for his own safety and comfort.

Much to my surprise she agreed. Even though it would cost the shelter valuable funds, and a procedure like this is usually the responsibility of the rescue, she agreed to send him to one of their vets. WOW!!!!! I know how strict the shelter has to be with the limited funds they receive from the county, so this was a HUGE thing.

He was sent off that afternoon and I received a call a few hours later that he was on his way back for me to come pick him up. I was thrilled!

When I arrived there was something in the air of the office I couldn't place... I was told that he was still a little groggy, he was Heart-worm free, Lyme disease free, had anemia, was thin and weighed 24 pounds. He has a 103.7 degree temperature, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Me being naive and from the North, didn't know how serious that was. They all did. "He's got meds for it though and should recover fine." they said. Oh, Ok. I thought, then it's not too serious.... yah right! I couldn't have been farther from the truth. You see.... as you most likely know, but I didnt... RMSF is not something to play around with. in 3 - 10 days after being bitten by a tick that carries it, it causes Ataxia (Arthitis-like stiffness when walking [Which I observed in him but I thought his back end was just as sore as I was sitting on that hard concrete)], pinpoint bruising on the inside of the mouth and eyelids, Loss of apatite, Fever, Depression and a whole bunch of other nastier things. BUT Looks like it was caught in its early stage and will pull through with his treatment, but there is no guarantee he will be fully healed. He may still have times of stiffness and lethargy after a good play, but only time will tell and this is only day 3 and the 1st day of treatment.

If it were not for the generous heart of Dr. Blakenship at the Shelter for allowing him to be sedated for tick removal, and bloodwork, this would not have been detected and Eeyore would surely have died a painful death as the mortality rate of untreated dogs is 100%.

If your interested... watch this short video I found on another blog called elenanddogs. (

One of her dogs had RMSF and she documented her progress....I feel this was exactly what Eeyore was displaying, but on a minor level. 

(if you have a hard time seeing a dog uncomfortable, please do not watch)