Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I know the title sounds a little weird, but when you have a "feral", "wild", "stray" puppy on your hands that is littered with fleas, and 2 adults that are very sensitive to flea bites, you have a disaster on your hands. My thought process.... you came from outside, we have NO odea of your bathroom habits so to keep things simple and cleanable, we'll make you comfortable on our screened in deck until you are flea free.... and with 2 fans... and with comfy bedding... and me for company. I believe he felt that was a safe place.

 BUT....little pup.... tonight you come inside!

Miss. Lexi (2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever/Shepherd mix)
meeting Eeyore for the very first time.

Sometimes when there are so many fleas you need many baths to kill them all.... He's had 2 baths with flea shampoo, flea killing meds and a good soaking to drown any that may have somehow stayed alive. 
I have a large garden style tub in my master bath and it was the perfect depth to allow for a makeshift dip... lol.... he just stood there... no dunking allowed. He did fantastically! He's not afraid of water in the slightest. Just sniffed the water and looked around in the strange room.
OK, I'll come out from under my warm towel for food.... if you insist.
 I warmed some towels in the dryer before bath time and rolled them tight to keep the heat in so he had some super toasty towels after coming out of the tub. Granted the water was warm (who likes cold baths?) but when your drenched head to toe, your skinny as heck, and you step out of the tub, who doesn't appreciate a nice warm towel?

I started giving him some puppy food and I don't think it agrees with his tummy since he would rather eat dry food. (okay) So not only did he have a nice warm massaging bath, warm towels, but he also had dinner ready to boot! 


After all that and checking again for stray fleas, I think we got them all (probably not, but you never know) and we set up shop to call it a night.... yes, in my bathroom. 

I have been sleeping with him for the past 2 nights on my deck in a chair so I was thrilled to sleep on the floor for once. He seemed pretty happy I was there with him and actually curled up next to me for a while. After that the below photo is how I found him at 7:30 am.... still out like a light. LOL 

That is a relaxed pup. Finally!!!