Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flea Bath Day!

Now that Eeyore is here at the house and starting to get settled in, I wanted to let him start telling his story to you all, but he's still tight mouthed at the moment, so I'll be narrating for a little longer....

Today was bath day!

I wish I could have gotten a photo of the hundreds of fleas that was on little Eeyore. Just saying "hundreds" doesn't seem to put a picture into ones head of what it really looked like.... I could say that the inside of his legs and belly looked like someone sprinkled a bunch of live crawling sesame seeds, but still that really doesn't paint the picture I want.... without scouring the web for a photo of an infestation on another dog, lets just say that the soap suds were not white, but rust colored from the now liquefied blood feces of hundreds of fleas. Yah. that's pretty gross.

 Before bath time....

First things first, we need something to make sure he wont bolt when I bathe him... hmmm... all I have small enough is an old chain collar from another foster. It'll do I suppose. Cant wriggle out of this one at least. He wasn't pleased and offered no assistance.... lol

But we got it on...

After a quick rub-a-dub-dub from the hose it was lunch time!

A whole can of wet puppy food. He is a lot thinner than he looks in the photos. You could feel his hip bones very well. He needs to gain about 5 pounds to fill out even the slightest.

 Nomm.... Nomm... Nomm..... All gone. Good boy!

Ahhhh.... but I missed some places. He still had fleas. The flea medicine the shelters vet gave me was for dogs and puppies 6 months and older.... I think I'll hold onto that for a while and purchase some from my vet tomorrow. They will need his paperwork anyway for follow-up appointments.

Sooooo....... here we go again.....inside 
with warm water this time for a more relaxing bath with Daddy. 

He gives better baths...