Sunday, October 18, 2015

I've been busy

My family has told me that my blog has not been updated in quite a long time. So I went back and had my girl human look up the last time I wrote something... Wow. Almost a month! Oops... Sorry about that.

Well lets see..... where shall I begin?

Well.... I'll begin with a not so nice experience. My girl human took me for a ride one morning. It was really early, which in itself is rather strange. My girl human always goes back to sleep with me after breakfast, but today she didn't even FEED me! I think he's having an off day. I have those. Well.... she brought me to his place where there were lots of strange people and smells. There was a nice boy human who was very gentle with me and my girl human said it was ok to go with him. So I did.... Long story short, they did something to me that I'm not proud to explain.... I'm... well.... I'm... I'm missing some parts, and I'm not sure I'm happy with this.

BUT... In pure puppy fashion I got over it. I'm fine now and I was off with my girl human for a new adventure! (I really don't like adventures) 

 So here we are in her big truck, which I still really don't like. We went for a really really REALLY long ride. The longest ride I have ever been on. I thought we would never stop! Then we did. I had to peeeeee. And we got back in and went for a really really REALLY long time again! I think it was worth it though, 'cause when we stopped I was at this neat place with other dogs I have never met before. My girl human seemed to know this place because those dogs were really happy to see her!

This is my new friend Suzi. She says she's poodle... a BLUE poodle. She asked me what I was, and I proudly said a BROWN DOG! Yep! That's me. A brown dog.

 This was the BEST part of going to this place! I could run all by myself! There was no way out of course, because there were walls all around, but there were so many neat smells. My girl human let me run with no leash. It was strange at first because when we go outside I'm always on a leash, but this was fun!
 I enjoyed my visit here and I was given lots of treats from another girl human. This one mine new well. I think they grew up together or something. Here I am sitting nice. Oh yah, that other poodle is Dutchess. She's a BLACK poodle. Hehehe. I told her I was a BROWN DOG.... she didn't care. I don't think she likes me, so we ignored each other and I played with Suzi.
 Oh yah, then we came here! Another new place. This was getting scary. All these new places and people, but I was brave.... even with out my super cape, I was very brave. This girl human seemed to like me a lot. She got down with me and gave me a treat. She has 2 BIG dogs! They said they were Bernese Mountain Dogs from Europe. I dont know what a Europe is, but I told them I was a BROWN DOG.... they didnt care, but this girl human did and that was nice.

After a long couple of days my girl human took me back into the big truck and we went for another long long ride back home.

So lets see..... what else have I done.... oh yah! I got a new collar! My girl human says "A new collar means a new home" ..... I dont know what that means, but I'm ok with that. I still live here, and nothing has changed. oh well. On to the next story...

 Snowy and I are beginning to be great friends!! We play a lot. She's good at playing tug-o-war so much I have to cheat a little.

I have my own eating spot now. I'm getting so big I get to eat with the adults now, AND I can reach the adults water too! Snowy and I share. I really like her. 

I go to work with my girl human every day. She calls me her shadow. Whatever a shadow is, I think it's a good thing. She's always happy to see me when I follow her. 

So thats about it for now. I'm growing up and learning my maners. I'm still afraid of new things and new people, but I'm getting used to them faster and faster. My girl human says I act like I have Anxiety attacks, but nothing every attacks me. She keeps me safe. 

Humans. I just done get them.