Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Places to go! People to see!

Hey there everyone! Eeyore here! I wanted to write this entry today because I am so proud of what I did I, personally, had to tell you. My girl human could tell it, but I wanted to have it come straight from the dogs mouth.

I took a ride in the big truck, which isn't so scary anymore. I'm getting really big and I have decided that I want to have my own seat so I can stretch out! I sit in the back now on my own bed. The humans can sit in their little seats in the front.

So we went for a ride and I fell asleep... we came to a place that smelled really good, but I didn't get anything to eat, I was too nervous and didnt want anything anyway. There was lots of noise and I was getting scared even though my humans were there to tell me it was OK. Maybe I should trust them a little more. No one bothered me so I guess it was ok.

After that I got to play in the grass for a little... Boy did I need THAT!

Then comes the fun part. I followed... because my girl human said to "follow".. into this really neat place. It had SOOOO many smells and sounds, I had to sniff everything!!! but was I afraid? No! Not in the least!!! Well. Sorta, in the beginning, but I had my humans with me and they were saying I was being good, so I pretended not to be afraid.

My humans took something off a shelf and said that this was for me. I dont know what it is, but I must have been a good boy because they said it'll protect me. I really like it! It worked! None of the other humans in this place came to me. They looked at me and then walked away! I think I'll call it my super cape. Because I'm a SUUUUPER DOOOOG!!! in my cape!

 I'm so brave I can go anywhere with my cape and noooo humans will bother me! WOOF!!

So it gets better! Yah! WAY Better! The next day. My human put my super cape on, but before she did she wrote on it. She told me it says "Dog in Training" "Give me Space". That must be me. I'm in training. Training for what I dont know, but it must be important because it's on my super cape! I'll have to be brave again. We went for another ride in the big truck, again in my own seat... I'm liking this, and back into a different place this time. No good smells but lots of strange things. There were humans standing really still and didnt smell like humans. There were ducks that didn't move and didn't smell like ducks, there was a small deer, but it didnt run away or smell like a deer. I remember seeing those when I was with my mom. I saw lots of real humans around, but I had my super cape on and they didn't bother me, so I ignored them... then there was this really neat thing.... it was like a maze of stuff all hanging in the air. My humans moved them back and forth but I just sat and looked at them. Silly humans. This was an interesting place and my humans picked up and put down a lot of things.... did they think I was going to be frightened by these strange looking things? NO! I have my Super Cape on and I'm not afraid!

One time at my home, my humans had other humans stay for a little. I never met them before because I didn't recognize their smell. There was one little human I really liked. She was nice and calm. I liked her so I let her pet me. She was very gentle. Miss Lexi was there to protect me because I didn't have my super cape on, but I was OK. I feel really safe in my home, and she was nice. I hope to see her and her big human again.