Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Hello there everyone! I wanted to tell you guys how much FUN I had the other day!!!!!

My humans took Lexi and I to an outdoor adventure! I don't look happy in this picture because I didn't know where we were going.... probably to a place that was scary, and it was. Not only in the beginning, and in the middle, but also in the end...  I was SO tired though I didn't have the energy to be scared anymore.

So let me tell you where we went.....

First, my humans said we were going for a ride. Oh yay...Oh Joy... Oh happy me.

We rode in the big truck for a while and I fell asleep. We stopped, and after my super cape went on, so I'm brave you know, they took me to a big path. There were LOTS of other dogs with their humans here too. This must be a fun place. There were lots of things to sniff on the ground and in the air. Where were we going I wondered, the path didn't look like this for long, soon it turned really narrow and I had to climb over lots of rocks.

I was getting kinda tired and I'm happy my humans are beginning to become observant to my subtle hints. They decided to stop at a place where I could drink and cool my feet. I think they thought I was going to swim in there, but they were WRONG! HA!!! No way! I'm not swimming. That water was COLD! But Lexi did... She's weird.

After her little dip, we went back on the trail. There were more rocks to climb, roots to not trip on,  steps, and more steps... and more steps... So many steps oh my! My foot slipped once and got caught in between some rocks, but when I whined, my human came to my rescue and got me un-stuck.


We walked with a couple other dogs and their humans. I think mine knew them because they were talking and laughing together. I asked their puppy...he was a golden retriever and a month younger than I was, and he said he never saw my humans before. He was a nice puppy and his name was Beauregard.

A few more rocks, a lot more steps, a path here, a path there and BAM! We were here at the top! At least I hope it was the top. I was getting really tired and needed a rest and a drink of water. 

There was a HUGE Waterfall! 

We stayed there for a little and relaxed for a bit. I said hello to a big black German Shepherd named Atlas, a Red poodle named Fi-Fi (really?), and a funny looking Pomeranian named Tinsel. She was embarrassed with the way her human cut her fur. She said she looked like she had a pom-pom for a head and poodle feet!  I felt bad for her and we sat next to each other while our humans spoke.

Then it was time to go.... more stairs... again...

Except for the little humans, they are still scary, I was pretty brave the whole way. Well.... there was this ONE little human....She wasn't scary. She fell down and hurt her paw like I did. She was crying and stopped a little when she saw my cape. She pointed at me and said to her humans that I was wearing a cape. My human agreed with her and said it was my super cape. It keeps me brave when I'm scared. We walked away when we found out she was OK and I heard her say she wanted a super cape to be brave.

Naturally I slept ALLLLLLLL the way home and all night! I was pooped! but I had fun and was very brave! 
Eeyore at the base of South Mountain, NC 9/20/15